This is my steel single speed freewheel, Cesare . I ride it daily for my work commuter, about 6 miles round trip. I picked it up as a complete road bike about 4 years ago at a bike swap for $25. It was added to my quiver and I rode it every once in a while for fun and around town, occasionally launching it off flights of stairs or ghost riding it into trees or dumpsters. I recently moved closer to work and my wife and I decided to go down to one car, which gave me a perfect reason to re-do the Cesare as a commuter. I built the wheels using an old White Industries front hub and a new Dimension single speed free wheel hub for the back, (18t). I stripped down the frame and swapped out the handle bars and break levers. There is still some original stuff on it like the campy cranks and front chain ring(44t), cinelli stem, and brakes. It's a fun bike and I ride it a lot now a days. I love bikes with 'character', so the small dents and chipped paint make it even cooler in my opinion. 'Have you ever looked into the eyes of a lion and decided to attack?'

Borg TeBock


Cesare - side view
Cesare - front quarter view
Cesare - drivetrain detail
Cesare - Commuter grunge




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