Here are some pictures of my rejuvenated 1999 Specialized Crossroads Pro. The original bike had over 12,000 miles under it's belt so it was retired and stripped for parts. I thought the old frame would be a great place to start my ideal "fixie" project. I added a used set of Shimano wheels, some new carbon parts and a set of track bars for comfort. I'm using a double crank with 50/46 rings and a combo 16/19 cog in the rear. This scooter is light, fast and fun on our bike friendly streets here in Boise. Keep it simple, upright and straight down the road.


Dennis Glynn

Boise, Idaho


Specialized Crossroads Pro - side quarter view
Specialized Crossroads Pro - top rear view
Specialized Crossroads Pro - cockpit detail
Specialized Crossroads Pro - drivetrain detail
Specialized Crossroads Pro - cranks and bb detail




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