The Turd.

Here's my early '80s vintage Fisher Montare converted to a single speed. This bike has seen me through adventures from the mountains of Moab to Georgia. Rather than retire it, I gave it new life as an errand runner single speed. I purposely made it not pretty so I can lean it against the wall at the local watering hole and not worry too much about theft. Omaha is a pretty safe town for bike theft but I figured the uglier the better.

Painted with rattle can flat camo brown paint which gave it its name...The Turd. Mostly built with parts I had laying around. WTB Dirt Drop bars, Nitto Technomic stem, Ritchey Moby-Bite tires, the oldest saddle around and a Nashbar single speed conversion kit. Every bike needs mojos, this one has a bald fat guy and a leopard pattern beer koozie.

Hope you like it.

Steve Macklin


Gary Fisher Montare - nondrive side view
Gary Fisher Montare - rear quarter view
Gary Fisher Montare - drive side view
Gary Fisher Montare - fat guy at the helm




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