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Here's the Green Gopher in shopping trim--Jim, I'll leave it up to you as to whether it should go in SSG or Working Bikes. I made it to use when grocery shopping for my mother, but it also delivers me to restaurants and shops around the neighborhood. It may end up with a front basket some day, but I'm undecided on that.

Otherwise, it's a Trek 610, 1984 I believe, got on eBay.  It had apparently suffered a front end crash and been straightened, judging from some very subtle irregularities in the tubing, but there appear to be no stress risers, and it rides very nicely.

It has:
Sun M13II rims on Formula hubs
Phil Wood 18T fixed cog (will change to 19T later)
Alien crank
Old brake I got free from a bike shop
Tektro interrupter lever
Belleri porteur bars from Velo-Orange
Velo-Orange fenders
Selle Italia Flite Trans Am saddle
Tubus Fly rack
Beat-up old JANDD panniers
Bianchi ding bell
Paint & pinstripes by my wife Gina
Cheap BMX chain MKS GR-9 pedals
Very comfortable Vittoria Randonneur Pro 700x32C tires (which naturally measure 28mm actual)

Though I've ridden a couple of forty-milers on it, with its semi-upright position it's really a ten-mile bike; I use my Bottecchia fixie (also in this gallery) for the 10 to 100 mile rides. It's a very relaxing bike, perfect for cafe runs and shopping trips around the 'hood, and gets along well with the Nishiki mixte 650B conversion (not quite finished but rideable) that we're building for Gina.

So here it is, complete with some stranger's dog:



Green Gopher - Against the Bricks
Green Gopher - At the Fountain
Green Gopher - with someone's dog

Hi Jim--

Here's a shot of the Green Gopher (which I just submitted to SSG) at work downtown...crappy cellphone shot, so I'll understand if you don't use it:

He was carrying 40 yards of pocket lining, two rolls of elastic, a bunch of zippers, and some fusing, as well as an old tire I was dropping off later at Bicycle Kitchen for them to give away.

I don't know why I always neglect to carry my real camera....



Richard Risemberg

Green Gopher with a serious load

Hi Jim--

Another minor update to the Green Gopher: added drop bars.

Distances in LA just too far to stick with those Belleri porteurs, handsome though they are.

Green Gopher Gets New Bars




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