Hi Jim,

I've completed and extensively tested my newest steed and I thought it would suit your gallery of single-speeders and fixed-gears. It could just as easily fit in the Cyclocross Gallery as well, but seeing as it's only a part-time 'crosser, to the SSG it goes. Surprisingly, it's the only IRO in the gallery so far.

The frame is a bright orange IRO Rob Roy, basic bomb-proof, powder-coated cromo with CX geometry. I'm currently running a 48x16 gearing, which makes it right quick.
The drivetrain is a Sugino RD crank and bottom bracket pulling a Surly cog. (A Shimano freewheel sits on the flop-side of the flip-flop hub)
The wheels are Formula/IRO hubs with Velocity Aerohead rims.
The tires are Panaracer TServ.
The CX tires it wears are Kenda Cross Supremes.
The brakes, unused as they may be, are Tektro Oryx cantis with old Dia-Compe levers.
The saddle is a super-comfortable Fizik Pave CP3.
The bars are Nitto Noodles, which are quickly becoming my favorite bars.

Among the neat things on the bike are the vintage ALE toe clips, the white cloth tape wrapped in a drops-only sprinter's fashion, and the Surly Tuggnut axle puller.

Thanks for a great website!

Timo K.
Massachusetts, USA



IRO Rob Roy - Drivetrain
IRO Rob Roy - view from above
IRO Rob Roy - crank & pedal detail
IRO Rob Roy - front quarter view
IRO Rob Roy - side view




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