This is an old bike that I just recently picked up. It's a little tall for me but I can still ride it. When I brought it home, I stripped all unnecessary hardware and shortened to chain to find that comfortable gear. The bar was replaced w/ an Origin 8 TT bar and swapped the cassette for a Shimano 16 tooth cog. Up front it was decided to use the original 52 tooth chainwheel. To add, since these pics, the brake lever has been flipped and the chainring was moved to the inside of the spider. Yeah, the chainline isn't perfect but it will get there one day. :)

Great site ... keep up the good work!!!

Updated photos - click here


Schwinn Le Tour - side view
Schwinn Le Tour - front end detail
Schwinn Le Tour - crankset detail
Schwinn Le Tour - drivetrain detail
Schwinn Le Tour - chainline

Photo Update - 12/08

Schwinn Le Tour - Updated Photo





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