This is a bike I built from an unknown make frame I'd had lying around for years (probably from the eighties). Most of the parts are also just stuff that I had.

Painted with rattle cans. Key lime green. "Flickmanbixter" decal was ordered from web. I made the head badge and seat tube decals.

Automotive fake "anodized look" paint on unknown fork and stem. Clear coated everything.

Old Shimano cantilevers up front and new Tektro "front" U brake in back because of the brake bosses.

Saddle is a no name "made in Italy" that I modified and covered in leather.

Freehub with 22T cog and Shimano Mountain LX cranks with Sugino 38T chainring and chain guard fashioned from 42T chainring.

Older Shimano cartridge style bottom bracket and a beefy chain that I salvaged from an old Viscount.

The bike handles well and the gearing can handle the hilly terrain of Carmel Valley.

Thanks so much for a great site. It's been my inspiration.

Vann Hughes,
Monterey County, California



Flickman Bixter - angle view
Flickman Bixter - front end detail
Flickman Bixter - drivetrain detail
Flickman Bixter - portrait photo
Flickman Bixter - front angle view




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