Hi there- I've been coming to your site for a while and finally completed my first single speed build. The idea was to reuse and restore as many old parts as possible, buying only what was necessary. I've nicknamed it K's Taxi.

I started with a crashed Nishiki and determined that the frame was straight. Stripped and painted it, removing a braze-on and filling a very small dent. The hearts on the downtube were hand painted and the checks taped and shot in 2 stages. For the build, I took the original 27" Arai rims and laced them to a pair of Normandy hubs with DT straight gauge stainless spokes and brass nipples. The rear axle was centered in the hub to avoid dealing with offset and to get a straight chainline. The freewheel is a new Shimano BMX piece. A Shimano crankset is mated to the original rebuilt bottom bracket and the pedals were sourced from and old Shogun I have. The brakes are from the same Shogun and were polished with a vengence. The brake levers are older Campy; the original bar and gooseneck were used. The Planet Bike fenders are from my old commuter and (I hope) serve to round out the theme. Now to re-cover the seat and get 'er on the road... =)


Marc Azevedo




Nishiki - front end detail
Nishiki - Chainline detail
Nishiki - downtube heart detail
Nishiki -  Getting Stripped




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