Marco Anderson's ANT Bike tribute

I put this fixie together, even though the frame is a little too big for me. These pictures show the bike with its drop bars. The last picture is the bike in cruiser mode with Wald handlebars and a Snoozer dog bag. You can also see a nice Raleigh fixie peeking from behind. In the bag you can see my co-pilot Maggie. This is the way I usually ride it, and it is put together to be a tribute to Mike Flanigan's ANT Bikes. I love the heavy steel frame for cruising long distances.

Frame: 56" Tokai Steel Frame chrome detail on the fork
Cranks: Original Vintage Sugino
Hubs: New Economy - Flip-Flip hub (Surly fixed gear cog)
Stem: Sakae 90mm
Bars: Vintage Crome Nitto Road Alloy
Bartape: Cellini Red Cork
Brake: Cannondale Front Dual Pivot Caliper Rear
Rack: Bontrager


Thanks for this great opportunity. I love your site.





ANT Bike Tribute - side view
ANT Bike Tribute - crankset detail
ANT Bike Tribute - brake detail
ANT Bike Tribute - front hub detail
ANT Bike Tribute - with a  happy passenger




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