I built this bike for my oldest son Jeremy who is now in his late 20's. Every one of my kids wanted a bike and I found plenty avaliable theat needed work at no cost.This bike was built from parts that were free. Some parts came from a local salvage yard and others from bikes that were give to me as parts bikes. The frame is a Roadmaster mountain bike, the crank and pedals from a BMX, the seat from a old 3 speed english bike, the stem, bars, brakes, and brake levers came from different bikes. The wheels and tires also came from seperate bikes. The gearing is 44 / 18. All the gears were stripped from the freewheel and only an 18 and a 14 were added back. The 14T gear can be used if necessary but it was actually put on to be a sort of lockring for the 18T. The chain line is perfect. After a good cleaning, decal stripping, repacked bearings (all of them), oil, wheel truing, and adjustments the bike rides great. I'm building another for myself just like it but only the colors are different. It's a no frills, no worry bike. Just jump on and ride -- love it!!!!



Roadmaster Singlespeed - front angle view
Roadmaster Singlespeed - chainring detail
Roadmaster Singlespeed - front end detail
Roadmaster Singlespeed - rear view
Roadmaster Singlespeed - drivetrain gearing
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