here is my Rossin "concept" singlespeed mountainbike, i found it in a trash pile in the backyard of the cycle shop where i work, with an oldschool DX/DEORE setup

The wheels are LX hubs with mavic rims and slick X5 tyres - the singlespeed kit is a surly and an old 105 rear mech - Deore crank with Biopace the gearing is 36/14 - Flite max saddle - there is only one brake on the bike now (front), i will soon upgrate to a set of Avid Arch rivals.

the last photo is featured by my cat goldfish 

best regards





Rossin "Concept" - Side view
Rossing "Concept" - head on view
Rossing "Concept" - front angle view
Rossing "Concept" - drivetrain detail
Rossing "Concept" - top down view
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