This is my Hardrock Singlespeed. I got this used hardrock frame for a very long time in my garage, til I saw your web page.

It has a Crankarm Set Bulletproof BMX 165mm, Rocket 10H BMX Chainring Black 44T, DMR Single Speed Spacer Kit and a 16 T shimano Cog.

I mainly use it in the city and this relation is just perfect for me. I also used a SURLY Singleator for chain tension The Rest is stock, RST fork, shimano brakes, and hubs.

I living in Bogota, Colombia, and IÕm really hooked by the single speed, I will build another bike but 29 inches wheels (hope to send the pictures pretty soon)



PS. Sorry about the indoor pictures, the bike were about to be sent to other place and I could only take these pictures after I finished building it (late at night).


Specialized Hardrock - side view
Specialized Hardrock - drivetrain detail
Specialized Hardrock - reverse view
Specialized Hardrock - crankset detail
Specialized Hardrock - reverse side view
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