This is my 1989 StumpJumper in glorious Magenta and Green. I bought this bike new in '89 and it remains one of my favorite bikes I have ever owned. Years later I bought a FSR Comp full suspension, but I never enjoyed riding it the way I do this bike. After going through 2 sets of stock forks I picked up the Bontrager straight blade forks just in time to take it to the NORBA nationals at Road Atlanta in Georgia ( as a spectator ) in 1993. The wheels were hand built for me by Billy George around the same time and have remained true ever since.

My good friend Tim got me motivated to convert it to a single speed and I'm happy I did. I picked up a Surly conversion kit, along with a Surly cog and chainring. I have it geared pretty low at the moment - 20 / 35 due to my being out of shape, but I'm sure I will be picking up a new rear cog in short order. I had hoped to run it without a tensioner, but with the current gearing I have to have it. Hopefully I can get the perfect gear in the future and go without it. I also added some Crank Brothers 5050 pedals and WTB Velociraptor tires.

I was pretty excited to get it all together, but at the time of the photos I didn't have an 18mm cone wrench to adjust the tensioner so there is quite a bit of chain slack and the seat needs an adjustment as well.


Specialized Stumpjumper - side view
Specialized Stumpjumper - fork crown detail
Specialized Stumpjumper -angle view
Specialized Stumpjumper - front end view
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