Hello Cyclofriend,

here are some shots from my recently transformed Italian Scapin roadbike.

I bought it in red as a beautifull steel race-frame. I climbed the Alpe d'Huez and Mont Ventoux with it (hallelujah)... but then decided that i would feel a lot safer on a bike that actually braked going downhill.

The bike itself lost some of it's beautifull red paint job after a night in a wet garage and that was the start of the big strip. The paint, the gears, everything had to go... until all i had left was a stunning full chrome steel columbus frame with a bullhorn bar and single speed rear wheel... i love cruising wtih it through Amsterdam and hope that it is a worthy addition to your collection!

Bike info:
80's handbuilt Columbus steel frame with campy only stuff on it, now unfortunatly with a bontrager/shimano rear hub/sprocket

The Netherlands





Scapin - seat cluster detail
Scapin - Before image
Scapin - After Image - side view
Scapin - front end detail
Scapin - front angled view
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