I came across the site while looking for ideas for this build and check it all the time for updates now. This bike is a Fuji although I'm not sure of the make or year but i think it's from the 80's. I found it as a working complete on Craigslist and the guy I bought it from had tried to restore it with a bad powder coat and various parts off several other bikes. After purchasing this bike I completely dismantled it, used a Dremel to saw off and grind down all the cable guides, then had the frame/fork sandblasted and powder coated a sort of milk chocolate brown color. I cleaned up and re-used a lot of the parts that came on this bike such as the Dia Compe brake, Nitto stem and bars(flopped&chopped), Sugino cranks, and the blue Vuelta Airline 2 wheels which I learned were stock on some early 2000's Trek 1000 road bikes. I bought the blue bar tape, tires, KMC chain, seat post, rear cog/spacer kit, and chain ring. The seat and pedals I had laying around the garage. I live in Jackson, WY, which is flat for the most part even though it's completely surrounded by mountains, so I geared this one at 46:16 which feels just about right. I have a Turner 5 Spot for mountain biking and a Surly Long Haul Trucker for longer road rides so this bike is mainly for cruising around town and bar hopping.

Thanks for the great site and take care.






Fuji Team - side view, before
Fuji Team - side view, after
Fuji Team - angle front view
Fuji Team - real angle view
Fuji Team - And Big Rabbit Buddy
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