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Hi Again--

Meant to send this a long time ago, then got crazy-busy, then wanted to take a better shot, then decided I'd just better send the thing.

This is my wife Gina Morey's Bridgestone XO-2, a bit small for her at 43cm, hence the Nitto Periscopa stem, but still a great bike. As you can see, this bike sees a lot of malls and shops and is often a grocery-getter as well, visiting farmers' markets all over Hollywood. It was my son's till he outgrew it (he now has a bigger XO-2), and Gina needed something better than the pretty but rather clunky Peugeot mixte she used to have.

Wald basket, Zefal fenders, a JANDD pannier on one side and a town basket on the other, and now the big ol' Chinese tringle bell has been replaced by one of Riv's sweet Japanese brass bells, but we haven't had the camera out since then. Nitto Ablatross bars turn it into the perfect Franco-Japanese town bike, and Gina rides it a lot in the neighborhood. It's also been down to Venice beach for an art show a couple of weeks ago and recently went on a night ride with Critical Mass to a mysterious art installation in downtown Los Angeles.


Bridgestone XO-2 - Citi-fied


This bicycle has been updated - click here to see the newest version 

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