Dear Classic Fiends,

Here's an update of my XO-2 (#86), now dubbed "the Mule" since it lovingly bucked me out of the saddle on Wilshire Boulevard back in February.

Shortly thereafter, installing Nitto Mustache bars improved ride-stability a lot. Cane Creek reverse brake levers, Suntour stem shifters, Shimano drive train. A pair of wheels with a grip of spokes, a saddle, a post, a stem, an Oh-riginal Greenfield kick stand. --- and a new shiny brass bell. Ding!

Don't ask how long it took me to do the bar tape, but look here for more info:

(and some others here - ed.)

My little Mule still does the milk and potato runs, and town-abouts. Many thanks to for ideas and inspiration. Thanks to my husband, Rick - my personal mechanic and SAG.



Los Angeles

Bridgestone XO-2 - side view

Bridgestone XO-2 - front quarter view
Bridgestone XO-2 - driveside
Bridgestone XO-2 - at the park



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