We recently tweaked our old Neon Orchid Schwinn Paramount as kind of a "design exercise"...maybe one of the fastest, sweetest, smoothest racing framesets ever conceived. Oh, it is such wonderful eye candy. Chrome dropouts and flawless chrome chainstay. No need for gunky protectors or clunky leather fiddleybits. Ours is pristine, not a single knick knack, and we have SO much fun telling admirers (yes, they admire even if they don't really understand) that it's 23 years old.

We mounted Jitensha/Nitto flat bars with cork (are there better looking handlebars on earth?), Nitto stem, SKS SilverNarrow mudguards with P-clips (this IS a racing machine you know), 25mm Vredestein Fortezzas (sewups anyone?), NOS C-Record hubs, MA 40s, Suntour XC Pro fd, Sugino 48/34, MKS Cube Cross pedals, Dura Ace FW 13/26, Campy dual pivots, Campy seatpin, Flite, Silca pump w/Campy metal, and the only gray & black Banana Bag in existence, courtesy one GP. It is a sight to wake up tired, sore eyes. If we saw this thing parked somewhere, or out on the road under someone else, we'd have a freeking heart attack. Be love at first sight. It is so classic, and clean, and unique, and fast, and just plain fun to be around. Each part perfectly compliments the next. Wow!

But the reason for mouthing off has to do with those simply elegant Suntour Power Controls and the Campy Racing T circa 1995. What a dynamic duo! We're sentimental about the rd because it was mounted on the tandem that got me and me kid across the country back in summer '96. But that's a story for another time. We call this drivetrain friction as opposed to all those other monikers. But, thing is, there is NO friction. It is as smooth as a baby's backside, and just the tiniest pressure moves the chain silently up and down the cluster. No click, no chatter, just a barely audible snap and it's there. No trimming required. Can there be a system so elegant and refined and simple and durable and pure? And where do we find it? Have you seen the new Campy electric stuff with all those thick ugly wires and endless complication? Omigosh, we love Tullio but what ARE they thinking?

Thanks so much...

Jock Dewey (also CC #264)




Schwinn Paramount - front quarter view


Schwinn Paramount - another angle
Schwinn Paramount - angled view

Schwinn Paramount - side view





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