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I want a Rambouillet so bad I can taste it...problem is, I can't afford it.

So....I built up this clone with a total investment of around 600 bucks.. The frame is a 80's Raleigh, about 63mm I think, I ordered some threaded eyelets from a frame building web site, and brazed them on myself. Extras on the dropouts and some for rack mounting front and rear...paint job is by rattle can, again done by me, with care taken to make sure I started with a smooth surface, and color sanding in between coats. Resurectio decals are from Rivendell, and I scored a Rivendell headbadge on eBay for my baby.Crank is a T/A stronglight triple I got at an estate auction, Wheels are made up of Mallard french hubs laced to Alesa Belgium rims rolling Contential Gator Skin 700 X 28 gums. Derailleurs are Suntour Mountech front and rear controled with Suntour friction bar ends. Brakes are good old Weinmann center pulls with Cool-Stop pads fired by Cane Creek levers. A no name seatpost holds a Brooks Honey/Brass B-17. Stem is Nito 12cm holding Nitto noodle bars, the wide 48cm ones...I like em wide. Lets see, there is a Tange-Falcon headset....Oh yes wood fenders by Cody Davis, back when he used to sell them on mine for a hundred bucks.Pedals are SP 250's with big Cyclepro clips so I can commute and not have to change shoes. Racks are both Jim Blackburn, given to me by a non cycling friend who bought them at a garage sale for me.Also have a brass bell on there, bar are wrapped with brown cotton tape, secured with hemp twine and then schellaced, I also wrapped the chain stay in the same fashion instead of using a snap on plastic guard.....

Thats about it! I ride to and from work, and lots of weekend riding like rails to trails and orginized rides such as the 'Tour De Stooge' the No Balogna and the Springfield (ILL) Capitol City Century

Stu Wemhoener
Jacksonville, IL


Resurrectio - non-drive side view

Resurrectio - side view

Resurrectio - angle view







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