Hey all,

my Surly Long Haul Trucker serves primarily as a year-round commuter in Boise, a city with great cycling weather 10 months of the year. It fits me perfectly. I thank the folks at Hyde Park Cycle Sports for that. It's a 56cm frame. A few optional items I find essential are the Pletscher double kickstand, a Brooks B17 saddle, the Nitto mustachio bars, and the brass bell. Someday I'll upgrade the fenders to hammered Hondos. Perhaps a stronger Tubas Cargo rack would be nice. The Trek rack shakes loose regularly.

On long trips I pull a very rare Yakima single wheel trailer, much like the BOB trailer but with a few minor changes. Too minor, apparently, to keep Yakima from getting sued, so they didn't sell too many of them. Nothing wrong with it though. I blast by guys and gals on their lighter weight road bikes, wearing lots of lycra, while on my way to and from work in regular work clothes. I don't think it's my middle-aged physique. This bike is sweetness.

Can anyone tell me something about my panniers? All I know is the company; Worthy, London. The local Harley leather guy made new straps for me.

Notes on the images:

2012 shows how a day-planner bag serves another task as a seat bag.  the waist belt clips though the rear rack to hold it in place.  It is easily removed from the bike, while shopping, for instance.
2114 is the obligatory dog shot, with my dog Lucy.
2117 and 2119 are close-ups of the Worthy of London panniers.
2121 is a good angle to show off the Baggins bag and the mustache bars.

-- Jim 



Surly LHT - IMG2012: Day planner seat bag

Surly LHT - IMG2114

Surly LHT - IMG2117


Surly LHT - IMG2119
Surly LHT - IMG2121


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