I would like to show my 1989 Trek 1500 road bike. I realize it is aluminum but was wondering if it could still be included?

I recently acquired it at a garage sale. I usually ride a 54cm and this one is 56cm so it's a little "snug". I love how it rides and that's saying a lot because I am a steel kinda guy. All I've done to it is clean it up a bit, gave it a tune-up and changed out the seat and handlebar tape to white. Had to also change out the brake hoods which were awfully gummy. It was one of Trek's top of the line bikes back in the day. It weighs in the realm of 21lbs so it's light and when ridden it is soo quite. Smooth as butter.

Thank you!

Oh, also I'm in San Diego, California.




Trek 1500 - side view


Trek 1500 - Aluminum

Trek 1500 - seat cluster detail


Trek 1500 - fork detail
Trek 1500 - front angled view

Trek 1500 - Rear Angled view

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