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1990 Bridgestone Comp MB-1Single Speed Project

I snagged this bike in near-stock condition for $75 and then pulled the beast apart to create a singlespeed MTB. It had very little use on it, and I didn't really have use for an "old" geared bike. I used cogset spacers to shim out the freehub to position the rear cog in line with the inner chainring. Put on a Shimano BMX 16T cog - the profile on the inside of the cog was compatible with the freehub.

Currently running a 36:16, which I curse like Tourette's-inflicted sailor during some climbs, but I think that has more to do with me.... Stock/original XT cantis & levers because there's no reason to kill momentum. Original wheelset with Ritchey rims. Nice old XT crankset. The headset is getting a little crunchy but is still holding up

Parts Added: A red and black Salsa QR set that I had in the parts box (it went with the paint job.) Surly Singleator with spring reversed to pull up towards frame. (new) Profile Maniac Rise bars (new) Shimano BMX Cog 16T (new) Sachs chain PC81 (new) Single chainring bolts (alloy), which then sheared in the first month so, Single chainring bolts (steel). Old WTB SST saddle off of my Stump. Time ATAC's to match the rest of my trails bikes.

Simple, light & snappy ride.

-- Jim


This bicycle now has updated photos - click here for the latest version




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