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1990 Bridgestone Comp MB-1Single Speed Project

This isn't really a new "version" per se, but the saddle was replaced out of need, and it is now on the third fork and a new headset - split the first two up in the threads, but I tend to blame the no-name OEM stem, which may have been slightly under spec, in terms of diameter. I was happy though, as it gave me a chance to use the hecho en Petaluma Salsa cromoly mtb stem that had been languishing in the parts bin.

I had just cleaned up the MB1 in preparation for a ride up in Annadel S.P., and it looked so spotless that I had to show it off a little. Plus, the cymbidiums were hitting on just about all cylinders, so that made a nice backdrop.

Still running a 36:16, which seems to work most of the time, until it totally and suddenly doesn't. Seems to be some issue with the engine, but no one seems to have the parts for it... But, it remains a siimple, light & snappy ride - makes it very difficult to get back on a geared, soft-nosed, big tubed bicycle.

-- Jim


Bridgestone MB1 - side view
Bridgestone MB1 - front end detail
Bridgestone MB1 - Another side view
Bridgestone MB1 - crank detail
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