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Cyclofiend -- Great Site! Love the bikes on show. Lots of fine wrenchers out there, and creative folks, as well.

I bought this Quickbeam off of Craig's List. Judging from its low serial number, I assume it's a first generation frame. It came with Albatross bars with reverse levers, a Brooks B-67 sprung saddle, and a really funky old, repainted aluminum rack.

I replaced the B-67 with a honey B-17, replaced the albatross bars with Nitto Dream bars, and the reverse brake levers with Cane Creek chubbies with honey colored hoods. I replaced the Shimano freewheels with White Industries Eno Duo 16/18 on one side and a 20 on the flop side. The 32 - 20 combo worked for most of the hills here in San Francisco and Marin County. I chucked the cheapo rack.

I love riding the QB in my area, and it has become my most-ridden bike. I rode it in the Death Valley Century, and received many positive comments on the bike, with most people thinking it was an old bike I had restored. (In fact, it's probably three or four years old at most.)

I had Rich Lesnik at Rivendell build me another wheel set, and I put 35 Knobbies on them for fire trail riding. I took the levers off the Cane Creeks and replaced them with wine corks, and use a pair of Taiwan levers on the tops for braking. I put the cork grips on and the bar wrap ala Rivendell complete with the hemp string wrapping. I love riding this bike, and with two complete wheel sets, it's easy to ride roads or fire trails and quick to change over for one or the other.

Thanks again for this great site. I visit it often.



This bicycle has been updated - for the latest version, click here




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