This is my first project bike and it was fun so I plan on doing a few more.

This started out as a freebee Murray Monterey in a faded teal and a chainguard that rattled. I stripped off the parts and sanded as much of the rust off as I could. Then I got a can of enamel from Lowes and had at it in the front yard. The yellow striping and barbed wire details were added after assembly. The wheels are original, fat and chrome with a coaster brake. Who woulda thunk that the Panaracer Fire XC Pros would slip right on. The seat was an EBay purchase complements of someone's old Breeze. I stripped the full length crumbly foam off of the WIDE chrome bars and polished them up. Grips are, ah, flamed. Front sprocket is, ah, chrome. OK so most of these parts I acquired via eBay or local shops with an eye towards esthetics (I.E. color). I had my brother drill a hole in the fork for the auxillary front brake so I would be comfortable racing it. Yeah, RACING IT! I switched the gearing down so I could ride this in the Seattle Cyclocross Series final. I placed second. (Outta 2 in the women's single speed category). I did not once shoulder this 40+ pound baby. The barriers were taken slowly and with some grunting involved. I had about $150 invested so I sold it for $150.

My husband was complaining about too many bikes. Wait till he sees the next one.


Murray Monterey - front quarter view
Murray Monterey - side view
Murray Monterey - front end detail
Murray Monterey - drivetrain detail
Murray Monterey - Schwinn Approved Saddle




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